COLOR GUIDE 25/02/2011
Thank you everyone who has volunteered their time for coloring! It's a long but fulfilling process and we hope you enjoy doing it. Here is the guide for coloring the frames in MOUSE-TACHE:

The frames you receive will have the following:
  • 3 layers: lines, color, and Layer 0
  • set to 1024 x 576 pixels at 16:9 ratio
LINES: Put the colored lines on this layer
COLOR: Color on this layer
LAYER 0: Has the original frame, eventually to be colored black

1) Select Layer 0 in the layer window and go to the channels tab to the right of the layer menu. Click the red dotted circle button furthest to the left at the bottom of the channels window. This selects the white space around the scanned lines. Without deselecting, go to EDIT --> FILL, and select black.

2) Still without deselecting, go to SELECT --> INVERSE to select the lines. Click on the LINES layer and change the foreground color #804446 (R: 128 G: 68 B: 70). Either use EDIT --> FILL or a large paintbrush to color the lines.

3) Deselect and then go to FILTER --> BLUR --> GAUSSIAN BLUR. Set the Gaussian blue to 1.0 pixels and click OK. Make sure you're on the LINES layer when you do this! With the lines colored and blurred, click back on Layer 0 and cover it completely in black to remove the original frame.

4) Start cleaning the lines on the LINES layer. The black background makes it easier to find and clean excess lines. Make sure the LINES layer is on top of the other layers.

5) You're ready to color! Click on the COLOR layer and select the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Find an area to color and zoom in to create a selection along the lines. It's easier to color areas that will be eventually overlapped partly by other colors so that you don't waste time selecting areas that are going to be recolored anyway (for example: color the Villain's entire head with the main color first and don't bother going around the ears and mask, as those will be colored later anyway). Coloring is the longest process so do it in small parts. It's best to do 5-10 frames per day and stick with only one color at a time (for example: pick 5 frames for a day and only color the Hero's main skin tone in those frames). It takes 15-25 minutes to color a frame, so it's far better to do it in small parts.

6) MAKE SURE YOU ARE COLORING ON THE COLOR LAYER, with the LINES layer on top and Layer 0 on the bottom. It's very easy to accidentally color on other layers. Keeping separate layers is important in case something needs to be changed.

7) When a frame is completely cleaned and colored, set the visibility of Layer 0 to OFF. Save as a PSD in a separate folder for the scene's colored frames.

8) The frames are now ready for compositing! If you find any shortcuts you can use through actions/other methods, feel free to use them and TELL OTHER PEOPLE. Your idea may be beneficial to everyone else and the ones in charge are always happy to listen to suggestions! If there's a section where you're confused on which color goes where, ask and we'll point you the right way.
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Here is our goal of things to complete for the upcoming peer review:

  • Complete last storyboards
  • Compile all storyboards into new animatic
  • Add sound/music to animatic

After the peer review, we will be closer to starting the key animation. Before this, the following should be completed:

  • Character turnaround sheets
  • Prop sheets
  • Size comparison chart of all characters
Congratulations on getting the production bible done a whole 4 days before the deadline! The following needs to be done for the Monday hand-in:

  • Put test animation into animatic
  • Burn animatic, line tests, etc onto CD
That's pretty much it! After that, it's just setting up the desks for assessment.
We are on the last few stages of completing the production bible. Here is a list of the last things we need to complete for it:

  • Scan Georgina's extra character designs and assemble
  • Scan Georgina's environment sketches
  • Scan last few storyboards and print out on template
The character profiles and turnarounds will be printed out tomorrow, along with any storyboard panels that are ready. Outside the production bible, we also have to:

  • Complete production sketchbooks for assessment
  • Put last storyboards into the animatic
  • Do test animation
We got a lot done for the production bible this week! The following is completely finished and ready for printing:
  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Synopsis
  • Influences and Research
  • Credit List
  • Program of Study document
  • Character biographies
The next big step is to get more character art colored for the character pages. After that, it's finalizing the script and storyboards. Size charts and extra art will come last according to what time is left. The sheets that are ready will be printed in mid-April just to get those over with.
From Tuesday's production meeting, the following has been changed/updated:
  • The Wooden Room scenes have now been cut from the script. The animatic works fine without them, and it'll save on animation/time.
  • Storyboards can be briefly put aside for the meantime and will be picked up again after about a week.
  • The top things to work on now are character sheets and designing the look of the production bible. Size sheets for the main characters are close to being finalized, and side characters will be next.
Keep up the good work!