A Mouse and his Moustache...

Mouse-tache is a fourth-year student film currently in production. This website will outline the entire process from pre-production to post-production. By the end of it, we will have a professional animated film of about two minutes with color, sound, a solid story, and believable characters.

The Production Blog shows the group's collective progress. The individual blogs show the personal development and research done by each group member. Research and Artwork will collect ongoing work as we complete the film.

  • Xzandra - director, script, storyboards, character artist, key animator, editor
  • Georgina - script editor, storyboards, additional character artist, key animator, in-betweener, prop designer
  • Sarah - script editor, background artist, effects

Click on the button below to view the rest of the production blogs in our course!
CLICK HERE to see our current animatic! The animatic will change with added test animation and complete animation as we progress.

The Production Blog now has the color guide uploaded. Color sheets for the main characters are now up for download at the bottom of the blog entry!

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